Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Change is in the Air

Change is in the air.

The garden tells me we are nearing fall.

The weather is turning cooler.

My blog may change.

My blog is a work in progress, just like this mosaic (picture taken earlier in August) in downtown Binghamton, New York, where I work.

I have been blogging daily for four years now (well, since late April of 2011, so it's been more than four years), and blogging since 2009.  Of late, I haven't had the "bandwidth" (an expression a sister in law taught me) to post new posts daily.  I've been including one or two "throwbacks" each week. 

I've also had a somewhat unfocused blog for the years since I started blogging.  My blog's title reflects that: "Ramblin' with AM". Not "Focused with AM".  Not "Predictable with AM".  I do have three weekly features, on Wednesdays, Saturday and Sunday but they've been drifting a bit lately.  My Civil War Sunday, due to lack of time in being able to research, has almost ground to a halt.

More and more I want to talk about my personal life, including my brother in law with a developmental disability called autism. I want to talk more about what it is like to age.  I want to show some of the attitude I am developing.  It's a good thing, this developing attitude - the attitude of "I'm 62 and certain things I am just not going to take anymore, because life has taught me that it is too short."

But I know talking about my personal life  is not going to interest a whole lot of my readers.  This blog is about my readers.  I should be providing content YOU want, not what I want to write.

But it is increasingly hard for me to come up with fresh content.

Yet, I know a lot of my readers enjoy my flower photography, so I will assure them that the photography will continue.

So, I am not sure where I want to go from here.  There's danger if I change what I have been doing with this blog, but also opportunity.

I just don't know how this will resolve, but when I do know, you'll be the first to find out.

And meanwhile, here's a flower.  It's shy, just like me, but waiting for its moment.  Its center looks like an eye playing peek-a-boo.

I wonder what it is envisioning for the future of my blog.


  1. I know how you feel. I've tried to stick to travel and gardening lately and have thought about a separate blog for things like politics or my general thoughts on life and family. Then sometimes I think I should just keep a written diary and be done with blogging. Good luck with your decision.

  2. Best of luck on the blog changes. Sounds like you have some good things planned!

  3. You have to write your blog for you, so why not change its focus?

  4. I like your photo :) I think it makes sense for your blog to change with your life, as you change what you want to write about.

  5. i'm only a recent subscriber, but enjoy your blog and wish i'd found you sooner. so i'm along for the ride, or the journey on a new path, no matter which way you decide. everyone brings something different to the party, and i learn from everything i read. i just turned 65 and am at a fork in the road, too. --suz in ohio

  6. I love both images. The one on the wall and the flower love it.

  7. Keep them together, its eaiser and you don't have to start from scratch with a new blog.


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