Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Ramblings - Mosaics and Flowers

Yesterday, I blogged about possible changes to my blog.  One thing that will not change is my love of exploring and taking pictures.

Today, fall is in the air.  But, earlier in August, summer ruled.

Join me on a walk I took with a friend on August 7 along the Chenango River in downtown Binghamton, New York.

Some students spent part of their summer vacation with a local mosaics businessowner in creating these mosaics.

How beautiful is this red and purple spiral?

Or this contrast in color? (Do you want to see more of the mosaics? Let me know.)

And along the riverbank, wildflowers were blooming.

Not only wildflowers, but this stray day lily rewarded our walk.

If I took that walk today, I would find something different.  That is the beauty of nature.


  1. Oh Alana, PLEASE share more mosaic pictures. I love mosaics and have made three in our house and am getting prepared to make a fourth! I just adore the artform. Your flower photos are always lovely, too. :)

  2. Beautiful job! I love mosaics and wish I had the time and talent to make some myself!

  3. Those mosaics are gorgeous. Before I moved, there was someone in the neighborhood who was mosaicing the fence around her place. It was fun to watch it as it grew over time.


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