Saturday, August 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day August 2015 - There's No Place Like Home

Today, on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I am home for only the second Saturday since mid-June.  I had to travel, as my regular readers know, some 150 miles each way back and forth, to help care for an aging mother in law and also helped her to downsize and to move.

It was an ordeal for me, my spouse, and my sister in law but now we are almost (I hope) ready to cross the finish line.  The move was yesterday. She comes up with my sister in law later today.

Now, I can finally enjoy my home garden, just in time for a heat wave.

In my garden in upstate New York, in zone 5b, I know we aren't that far from fall.  I haven't been to my garden in weeks, and will try to get there today. Hoping the sunflowers are in bloom. (If they are, maybe I'll take pictures for tomorrow.)

It rained last night.  I still have lilies blooming.  In addition to this red one, I also have a yellow one that has been blooming since early July.  It has one bloom left to open, but it wasn't open yet this morning.
Tall phlox.  First year I've had this and so far I am happy.

One of my petunias.

Another petunia.
Garlic chives

A container of three geraniums.  I love the leaves of the yellow leafed variety.  Needless to say, I've forgotten the variety name.

Finally, one of my nasturtiums.

Please visit the host of this 15th of the month meme, May Dream Gardens.  From her Indiana blog, you can link to flower gardens all over the world. 


  1. Nice blooms. I'm envious of the phlox. Mine has stopped blooming in our recent heat, but I'm hoping it will be back in the fall.

  2. Oh, I even forgot I had garlic chives blooming till I saw your photo. We got black clouds, lots of thunder and NOT ONE drop of rain. I'll have to water later tonight as everything is getting pretty dry in the heat.

  3. We moved my mother twice in two years, to sheltered accommodation and then to a care home, it's hard and emotional work. Especially when not all of the treasured possessions will fit into the new place. Enjoy your garden, you deserve the rest!

  4. I did not know about Bloom Day. Your flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful flowers. I can't even grow weeds!

  6. We moved my parents from Syracuse nearer to us in the beginning of 2014. Just in the nick of time, as my dad's dementia got progressively worse. Even though your situation is not the same, I can understand from my own experience how much you have sacrificed to take care of family. I hope the new situation makes it easier to care for your loved ones--and for yourself.


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