Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Death of Summer

In many parts of the world, today and tomorrow, they celebrate a holiday called the Day of the Dead.

On these days, those who have predeceased us are remembered.   On midnight of October 31 (our Halloween), the gates of heaven open and the spirits of children are released.  Then, on November 2, the spirits of the adults join them.  In the meantime, millions of people have prepared food, sugry treats and flowers to greet them.

There is something very appealing to me right now about this holiday.  Over the last few months, I, and people who I know, have lost loved ones.  My best friend from childhood died in September.  I know someone whose brother died last month.  Someone I graduated from high school with lost his son.  An in law lost her best friend's son and a cousin, and her mother may not be with us for very much longer.  My mother in law lost a friend.

I can not celebrate a virtual Day of the Dead, but I would like to publish some photos I hope will bring me closer to their spirits.

Today I commemorate the Death of Summer.
October 31, 2015
West Lawn Cemetery in Johnson City, New York, a Jewish cemetery dating from 1895.

A spooky combination in Johnson City - a smoke tree and a sapling whose leaves have turned orange.
An abandoned, and soon to be demolished, factory building near Johnson City, New York, taken just before dawn on October 20.

But the true death of summer is the first day of Standard Time here in the United States - when it is dark not long after 5pm, and you truly know that winter is just around the corner.

Spirits, rest well.

Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo - if you enjoyed this post, check out some of the other great bloggers who are blogging daily during the month of November.


  1. After Halloween it all changes. Usual on Halloween night it rain or snow. As for spirits I truly believe there around all the time.
    In the Jewish Cemetery was there some loose stone place on the marker. This means something but I don't remember what....Good Luck on your blogging this month.
    Coffee is on

  2. Yes, our formerly beautiful foliage is mostly gone now, especially after some heavy wind and rain storms. It definitely looks like the death of summer around here! Also not a fan of the early darkness. My poor hubby goes to work at 5:30, before it's fully daylight- and now will come home when it's about the same degree of darkness.

  3. Those pictures sure tell something. Good one telling us about this day and then linking it up with the loss.
    All the best!

  4. Very nice photos. We're definitely in a time of transition.

  5. This is very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Death of summer. Interesting way to put it. I've known way too many people who are no longer with us, but I guess that's what happens if you spend any time meeting other people.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I'm so sorry for the losses you and your family have had so recently.


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