Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter Wonders - Not a Liar, Sky on Fire

What a wonder this winter has been.

February always brings its share of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but it is usually a chore to take picture of them due to the cold weather.

This is what sunrise usually looks like in a small upstate New York village come winter.

Not this year.

Last week, this is what sunrise looked like in the east.
Meanwhile, at the same time, this is what it looked like in the west.  Mind you, this is a sunrise not a sunset.

A few days later, the sunset glowed so much over the Susquehanna River it looked like the horizon was on fire.

The birds are singing more and more each day, nature's announcement that winter may end one day.

One of the few things I will miss when winter ends are all those sunrises and sunsets. 

Only another month (according to the calendar) till spring.


  1. Growing up in Pa. I treasured the same thing. The smell of the beauty of the sunset etc. and then I changed.
    Now I live in Austin and I count down the days until we spring forward.

  2. The moon was so bright last night I thought the back lights were on. But our mild weather is supposed to end today. Not sure what to expect since all the various weather forecasters seem to be issuing different predictions. Do they use crystal balls in their jobs?

  3. those sunrises are both beautiful and I love the houses where you are - I'm a big fan of those cute little two storey places!

  4. Beautiful. Those moments are so fleeting when the sky is so on fire. I too heard more birds this week, I am so ready for spring. We are in the mid-atlantic and have mud right now with another inch of rain on the way. Wishing you a very peace-filled day.

  5. The calendar matches the position of the sun, not the temperatures on Earth.

  6. We don't have much of a winter here in SC. It's considered our rainy season and I will be so glad to see it in...of course, I'll say the same thing when Satan's summer arrives and its 100 every single day.

  7. Wow! I totally love your pictures. I wish I had to see such beautiful sights day in and day out. Just gorgeous! :)

  8. I'll miss sunrises and sunsets in the summer, too: We live in the woods, and we won't be able to SEE the sun except during the middle of the day. We see some beautiful morning and evening light, though. :)

  9. nice, thank you for sharing.

  10. Sunrises and sunsets aren't nice later in the year? That's too bad. I think there should be beauty in sunrises and sunsets all year long.

  11. Hi Alana. What glorious images you have captured! You must be up pretty early! My bro sent me similar pics a couple of days ago, he lives in Rhode Island.


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