Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fantastic Fall - What Do You Take For Granted?

Fall in upstate New York is here.  Although my house escaped a frost last night, many of us were not so lucky. 

The foliage is starting to turn, with yellows leading the way.  It is hard to believe that these colors (except for the black) are the true color of the leaves, masked by the green of chlorophyll used to process sunlight into nutrients.

If we saw these colors every day, would we take them for granted?

But they are hidden most of the year, so during the few days the trees reveal themselves, we humans are humbled.

Otsiningo Park, near Binghamton.

Downtown Binghamton, New York.

A tree in my neighborhood.

But not all color is bright.
Taken by my guest photographer
There is also black.

Colors, not ordinary because they are rare, fleeting.  But rare only because they are usually hidden.

Let's slow down today, and contemplate our world.

What do you take for granted in your world?

Day 12 of the #Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Almost gold!
    What a great reminder to slow down and take it all in.

  2. It's Spring in Australia and I'm appreciating the mornings being lighter and the air being warmer. It's nice to not be getting up for work in the morning in the dark and shivering. I love all your autumn tones today :)

  3. I love the colors of fall and am anxiously awaiting for the trees to change here in Philadelphia. I try not to take anything for granted but I need to work harder at not assuming There will always be more time.

  4. Agree, we need to notice the simple things and enjoy the beautiful nature around us. Love the fall season.

  5. Lovely colors of the fall and that last black is melancholy.

  6. I was fortunate to have been there in Binghamton two weeks ago on a planned fall foliage trip. Even then the golds, oranges, and reds were so, so beautiful. Grateful!

  7. I love the leaves in the fall, and it is one of the things we, as humans, take for granted. Your pictures are beautiful!

  8. One of the (many) things that make me so sad about living in the Midwest is that I miss the gorgeous Fall foliage of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

  9. Color is such a strange thing, really. We so take it for granted, but how it works is so hard to wrap one's head around.


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