Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why Does The Man in the Red Sweater Want You?

Uncle Sam...no, I mean the man in the Red Sweater - wants you.

He wants you to register to vote today if you haven't already.  Don't wait for tomorrow because in some 12 states, tomorrow will be too late. (Here are the deadlines in each state).

Who is the Man in the Red Sweater?  I am not talking about the Man in the Red Sweater, the horrible dog breaker in Jack London's The Call of the Wild who taught the dog Buck that a man with a club was a law giver and must be obeyed.

No, the man in the red sweater is a man by the name of Ken Bone, an undecided voter who works in the energy industry who asked an energy related question of the two leading candidates during Sunday's Presidential debate.

He explained:   "I work in coal fired electricity and it's a big concern where I live in southern Illinois, the St. Louis metro area,"

People loved how he was dressed - a red sweater, black glasses.  And then, he memorialized his 15 seconds of fame with a disposable camera.

Not by taking a selfie with his cell phone.

In a season of unreality, he has become a possible route back to reality.

Whether you live in the United States (as I do) or elsewhere, you know that our 2016 Presidential election season has become a time of great division.  It has torn friends and family apart.  Normally sane people have posted the most hateful posts defending their candidate and even unfriended each other.

Then, along came Ken Bone.

Yesterday, he went from 7 followers on Twitter to over 36,000.  And what does he say about voting in November?

He still hasn't made up his mind (and doesn't plan to until after the last debate) but he is telling America this:  "I'm really glad that so much attention has come my way, if for no other reason than I can get the message out that your voice can be heard, and please get out and vote in November. If you feel like your vote doesn't matter, it does. Make your voice heard."

And that's the most important message of all.

Fellow Americans, don't sit this one out.  Whatever your voting preference, please, PLEASE exercise that right this November.

Your country's future depends on it.

If you live in the United States, don't miss out.  And then, maybe, you can start talking to your family or your next door neighbor again.

Day 11 of the #Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. I just received a nasty email from someone I have known for almost 30 years. She was the election clerk where I worked for 20 years and I consider her a friend. It was clear from the email that she supports Trump and I am not sure I can ever speak to her again. This election is really sad.

  2. I think the result of USA's elections is going to effect the world. Everyone's watching, with some fear though!! I tried to access the links you shared but couldn't.

  3. I have only missed one election in my life. A primary for mayor (held in MAY!, with no publicity)....
    I am pretty sure my kids have missed none...

  4. Good idea to remind people about registering to vote.

  5. It's so nice to read something about the election that isn't argumentative or attacking. Bravo!

  6. Love the story!!!! It is true how one little question and your voice is echoed all over the United States. Thanks for sharing!

  7. We or power when Hurricane Matthew hit and I missed the debate but I did see the red sweater man the next day on the news. I would have loved to watch the entire debate as I have done on all of them. I'm 67 years old and have never missed an election whether it be for President, state or local officials. Great blog!

  8. This election has brought out the worst and best in people! Regardless of how I feel about the candidates, I will be voting!

  9. Too bad they've now dug up dirt on him...


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