Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kings (County) and Dog Day Afternoon- #AtoZChallenge

Kings County, New York - a place that most people know as Brooklyn - was where my father was born, and grew up.  In fact, a lot of people living in the United States can trace their origins back to Brooklyn.

When people think of New York City, they think giant skyscrapers, world class museums, and huge crowds.  But there is a lot more to New York City than midtown Manhattan.  Today, I want to show you some of that other world.

I never lived in Kings County - all right, let's call it Brooklyn - but I still have family there.  My best friend growing up lived in Brooklyn for over 40 years before her untimely death from cancer, and another high school friend still lives in Brooklyn.
Kingsborough Community College Campus, May of 2013 (several months after Superstorm Sandy). Yes, this is New York City.
Kings Highway, in Brooklyn - neighborhood pride.
Another Kings Highway picture.
Not only trees grow in Brooklyn, but a lot of flower gardening goes on there.  This nursery is in the Red Hook neighborhood.

But I did promise you a story about "Dog Day Afternoon". This vacant building in the Kings County neighborhood of Gravesend (Avenue P and East 3rd Street) was the Chase Manhattan Bank that was robbed on August 22, 1972, leading to the hostage drama recounted in the movie "Dog Day Afternoon".  The story is fascinating - reality writes much better stories than any of us can.

I was still living in the Bronx at the time - this was indeed a memory of my young adulthood.

A blast from the past - the news coverage of that day.

And, in the spring of 2013, spring flowers bloomed on a beautiful May day.

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"K" Day on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


  1. There is always a different side to every city/place than the popular perception. Hope to visit someday. Meanwhile, enjoyed learning about the other side of NY.


  2. The most fascinating thing about the video is how low-key the commentary is. Nowadays I can't stand to watch news on TV. And we have a local radio commentator who is off the wall when she is reporting. Interesting post as usual.

  3. I went to college in Kings...and that was my last stop in the State of New York (let along the New York City area...)

  4. Really interesting look at part of New York the rest of the world rarely gets to see Alana
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  5. It's much different than what we see in the movies.

  6. I have been to New York several times but other than the Brooklyn Bridge don't believe I have been to King's County. Will keep in mind when I go there next. Thanks for sharing.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere Kite Flying

  7. Very interesting post. I don't travel much to NY...but did go to the New York World's Fair and we cross the Tappan Zee to get to PA to visit my daughter and her family!


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