Friday, March 30, 2018

Fleeting Blue Sky #SkywatchFriday

Look fast, because the blue skies in these photos from Monday are long gone, not to be seen again for a week or more.

Here, pure blue skies and the water of the Susquehanna River near to where it joins with the Chenango River in downtown Binghamton, New York.

The historic Washington Street Bridge over the Susquehanna.
And a final look into the distance, and hills still white with snow.

Join Yogi and the other sky-watching bloggers of #SkywatchFriday, where, each Friday, we watch the sky and share our sky photos.

Will you join us?

In April, I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, but I still hope to post in Skywatch each Friday. 


  1. I could post pics of gray clouds, rain clouds, and maybe even some snow clouds. So this is spring?

  2. What a bright and vivid blue.

    Happy Passover, Alana.

  3. I love the bridge photo - well done!
    Happy Easter!

  4. That is an INCREDIBLY blue sky. Gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful! Ours today are clouded over and snow is falling. Again. Sigh.

  6. Beautiful blue skies, too bad they turned out to be just a tease.

  7. Beautiful photos, caught just in time, it seems! But "the importance of chocolate" has me intrigued!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. We had some rain last week but back to sunny again. Pretty shots.

  9. Glad you got to get out and enjoy those blue skies while they lasted! Pretty shots.

  10. Such pretty photos. New York has so much lovely scenery once you get away from the City, but I don't miss those grey winter skies.

  11. Cool shots. I like the angle you used.


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