Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring is Here Give a Cheer

Taken March 26 on the West side of Binghamton, New York.

There was even a bee on the second set of crocuses but they were too far away.  iPhone digital zoom doesn't work too well.

Spring at last.  Spring at last....although these aren't my crocuses.  (No sign of mine yet).

There is still some snow in my yard but it is melting daily.

The birds are singing now, as I blog this.



  1. This past weekend, while walking to Pennsylvania Avenue, I heard multiple bird songs, too!

  2. Yeah, iPhone zooms leave much to be desired. But if that's the only camera you have at the ready...

  3. Spring there, here in Kerala (South India) it is an early summer hotter than the last. Exhausting and sadly, signs of inducing a drought.


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