Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Winter Wonders - The Tracks of Our Tears

We are lucky.  All we've received overnight is perhaps 1 to 2 inches of snow.

The eastern part of the Northeast United States is under blizzard warnings.   We aren't.
But still, we long for spring.  Who wouldn't?

These are the tracks of our tears.  Or, more to be exact, the tracks of pigeons in downtown Binghamton, New York on a dusting of fresh snow this past Friday.

We can also get something called graupel, which may derive from a German word for "pearl barley" or a slavic word "krupa", meaning the same thing (according to a Google search).  But no, I won't call it "snowpoop".

We are under a winter weather advisory here in Binghamton.  But at least trees aren't in bloom here, as they are in parts of North Carolina, which may also be getting this snow.  And there are all the people who lost this power for days last week, and those who got flooded.

Again, we are the lucky ones.

Tomorrow, normally my "Winter Wonders", I am going to blog about "Pi Day".   So, my Winter Wonders post is a day early.

Please, winter, could this be the end?  Kindly check the calendar, and advise.

Sincerely yours
Millions of people.


  1. We only got a dusting here too, but it is very cold so the roads are icy with lots of accidents this morning. More snow to come today. Fingers crossed.

  2. We, here in the DC area, managed to be the bubble of calm, in the storm of the Nor'Easter. Perhaps the weather decided that we had enough of a storm perpetually emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania to add to the mess.

  3. OMG... Right in the middle of the blizzard now! Still have power, but it's flickering. Tired of this and ready for spring!

  4. Alana I share your sentiment. I hope the skies clear because I’m homeward bound this Sunday and heading back to sunny climes once more. Sharing my thoughts this snowy morning

  5. I agree that most of us are really looking forward to Spring. Where I live I think the snow if finally gone and Spring will be here shortly. In fact today I saw the first blooms on a cherry tree close to my home. Within a short time they should be in full bloom. I'm concerned at the moment about everyone in Eastern Canada and USA due to the coming storm/s.

  6. Sending a lot of Sunshine your way Alana. Hope the spring springs back sooner! Here in Mumbai, its heating up and we are gearing up for a hot, hot hotter summer.

  7. The AP chemistry kids (as they take a chapter test while I type this) noted the pi day. It's on their radar.

  8. still? isn't that too much at this time of the year. I wonder if it's the environment that's changing things for us.


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