Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Winter Wonders - Pi Day 2018

In the American method of day numbering, today is 3-14:  March 14.  Or, the first three digits of the mathematical value "Pi".

Today we celebrate Pi Day, in honor of the number representing the radio of the circumference of a circle to its radius.  Pi is an infinite number - it goes on indefinitely, but, not only that, it is a non repeating decimal.  No pattern to Pi has ever been found.  This website shows Pi computed to 100,000. digits.

To several decimal points:  3.14159265358979323846....

Some pizza chains have specials on Pi Day to celebrate pizza pie.

Other institutions serve pie.  Why not? It's a circle!

Pi day even has a website devoted to it.

Here is the history of Pi. 

Today, to celebrate Pi Day, two pie recipe posts from my blog.  Enjoy!

Pizza Rustica.

Torta Pasqualina (grass pie). 

Do you plan to celebrate Pi Day?  Do you have a favorite pie you are baking today?  Or, will you be working with children to teach them about mathematics?


  1. Just thought of adding few interesting facts about Pi...
    1)This ratio is called as "Golden ration"
    2) The ratio of top to toe length of human body to waist to toe length is also 3.14
    Alana, all this information was supplied to me by my fifteen year son. So today, on Pi day, the son taught mom few things!!! A remarkable day for me that way...

  2. I'm working with "children" (10 & 11th graders) who are now getting back from their protest, so back to work...

  3. Thanks for the very informative Pi Day math, food and history. I prepared 5ft of roving divided into 16 strips to spin on my 8 spoke wheel which will yield approximately 100 yds of yarn. If I spin really fast I might make a 3.14 ratio yarn...that'd be 3 wheel revolutions = 14 spun inches. Other than that my Pi Day was spent at a Baseball game where 'Diamonds' rule. The score at one time was 3to14...does that count? I did want Pizza for lunch...that didn't happen.


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