Thursday, March 15, 2018

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day March 2018 - Let it Snow

In the Binghamton, New York area (zone 5b), we haven't gotten the blizzards of further east, but we have snow, nevertheless.

One of my spouse's raised beds tells the story of what it looks like outside.

But inside - it's another story.

Usually, I am scrounging through the house on a March GBBD, praying for something - anything - to be in bloom.

Not this year, and I'm so happy.

My forced hyacinth.

My Thanksgiving cactus (cactii?) have burst into bloom again, near a potbound moth orchid that has a few buds on it.
A Mother's Day gift from my son is in its second overwintering in his former bedroom.

Last month, I showed you some of the red poinsettias I managed to rebloom - this month it's the white one's turn.
And two of the red ones (note, at the very bottom, the leaves with spots of white are from this year's plant) - I can't believe I was actually able to get several from last year to rebloom.

A begonia I overwintered.

And finally, a coleus waits patiently for the time I can plant these rooted cuttings outside.

I can't believe I have so much to offer my readers.  Thank you for visiting!

In another week it's spring.  Until then, why don't you join Carol at May Dream Gardens and the other garden bloggers who participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day every 15th of the month?


  1. All the blossom would make me happy too. Enjoy your indoor garden :-)

  2. What lovely flowers. Brilliant colours and a welcome harbinger of Spring. I love begonias and coleus is my favourite indoor plant .

  3. We still have snow and a yard littered with broken branches. No warm up above freezing until Saturday.

  4. Such beautiful indoor blooms must help a little with the cabin fever. I'm very impressed that you got your poinsettias to rebloom. Happy GBBD!

  5. Who knows what you'll find when that snow disappears!

  6. Beautiful flowers and all in the middle of winter. I live in LA but in an apartment so it's inspiring and calming to add more plants inside.

  7. Lovely selection of outdoor and indoor flowers.


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