Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My Post After the Zombies

Yesterday, I was reminded by a fellow blogger's post that I should check my stats every once in a while.

Some bloggers live and die by stats-how many "hits" their blogs get, what their Alexa rank is, how long people spend reading their blog, and so forth.  I understand the importance of this for business bloggers (i.e. bloggers promoting their businesses) and for bloggers who use their bloggers to advertise their writing or photography skills.

All I am is little ol' me, no business, no writing skills (well, maybe I need to rephrase that) and I knew what I would find when I checked my stats.

There is one post I wrote, back in 2012, that had an epic (for me) number of hits.    Every once in a while, it still gets attention.  It's, by far, my number one post in number of visitors.  There's only one problem.

The attention all comes from spammers.  There is one legit comment on the post. Yes, one  I've deleted so many spam comments over the years that I should have kept a record of that, just for fun.
Not a zombie, but close enough

That one comment has gotten awfully lonely over the years, presiding over a post about zombies.What is it about spammers and zombies?  I wish I knew.

I've decided that I want to give that post a bit of genuine blog love.

So, in the spirit of Halloween (and zombies), and shameless self promotion, I am going to ask my readers what I hope is a fun favor.

Visit that post:  Yonkers Before the Zombies.

And leave a comment.

That's it.

I could only wish reviving that post would make the spammers go away. But it would be nice to see this post get some genuine blog love for a change.  And, over the next couple of days, I have a special treat for you.  No tricks!

Do you have a post that seems to attract a lot of spammers?

Day 17 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. Fortunately, I have few spammers leaving comments. My most read post is about the game 'words with friends'. Not sure why it was so popular.

  2. I always love the spammy comments that at first glance, LOOK legit. But then they contain a link to male enhancements or something, lol. Anyway, I popped on over and showed that blog post some much deserved real comment love!

  3. Oh yes, I have a couple of posts that attract a lot of traffic even though the visitors aren't really interested in garden content. Like you, I'm not trying to promote anything.

  4. I seem to be on the hit list for gambling sites. Thankfully, my spam blocker saves me a lot of time. (Except two folks who think yahoo is acceptable as an eMail domain always end up there- so I have to still search my spam folders.)

  5. My spammers tend to spread it out a little more, but a graphic I use regularly on my blog, the one for Battle of the Bands, gets a lot of spam. Not even a post. Very strange.

  6. I feel your pain! I have one blog post that receives, still, 30 to 50 comments every day. I was wondering how to stop it. I just finished googling the problem and the answer was very simple and elegant. Turn on captcha. I'll let you know how it goes . . .

  7. There's one spammer that hits a bunch of my posts in a row. But those are really easy to delete under "Comments" in Blogger. I don't get a lot of comments on old posts. I have it set so that any post older than 30 days needs me to approve it, so any spammers there are out of luck.

  8. I have one spammer. She thinks that she's my best friend. She's very off topic. i have to delete her comments.

  9. I've had a couple of posts from a few years back that went viral with spammers. I couldn't figure out why. One I had to delete because it was getting crazy. For the most part, I don't. My spam blockers work.

  10. My spam blocker works like a champ, but I always scroll through the spam because occasionally there are real comments in there. Most of the time, though, it's a lot of Asian writing that I can't understand. And now I'm off to do your bidding and leave a REAL comment on the zombie post! See you there!

  11. I've had comment moderation on and off at various times, seems like the spammers will "crack" Blogger's spam guards and there'll be a spate of stupid for a while until Blogger gets ahead.

    And of COURSE I have to go check out a post about Yonkers!


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