Friday, October 26, 2018

Scarecrow Skies #SkywatchFriday #blogboost

This is the last Friday of October, and Halloween skies beckon.  So hard to believe that November begins next Thursday.

I've featured this scarecrow contest a couple of times this week on my blog, and I wanted to treat you to some Halloween type scarecrow skies today.

Scarecrows along the pond in Otsiningo Park, in Binghamton, New York.  This is the third year for the Scarecrow Contest.  Many of the scarecrows are erected by non profit groups.
A reflection, nearby, of a tree in a puddle surrounded by autumn leaves.
Another view.  Note the green - this was taken a week or so ago and not much has changed.  I just liked how this picture came out.
A little too close up? (I had this picture on my blog a week or so ago, but I couldn't resist rerunning it.)
No crows today!  If only it could scare away the Canada geese, though.

Join Yogi and other bloggers who watch the sky at #SkywatchFriday.

Day 26 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. Great shots. Very autumnal. Gotta love zombies.

  2. What wonderful skies and cool Halloween decorations! I also love the red trees in your previous post.

  3. Time is flying by!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. How cool! I love the idea of a scarecrow contest this year; I haven't seen that before. Beautiful photos, BTW!

  5. I love your scarecrows. We are still pretty green as well. We should invent something to scare away geese. Or at least induce them to migrate like good little geese. We have so many that stay here in town year round.

  6. Thanks for sharing those contest entrants.
    It puts us in the mood for the shenanigans of next week.

  7. Those Canadians. They just show up whenever they want! ;)

  8. The scarecrow contest sounds wonderful, and some very creative entries! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Your community has so many fun events, I love the idea of this scarecrow contest.

  10. Oh, the Canadian geese... Are they near you now, then? They left here a bit ago (it's been a couple months), and walks have been peaceful. It's so nice not to have to avoid them.

  11. This is so exciting! Love those scarecrows. We do not celebrate Halloween here, Sarawak in the island of Borneo - except they may have some special event at some pubs in the cities, no trick or treat. Happy Halloween to you and everybody. Cheers!!!


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