Thursday, November 22, 2018

Fall Meets Winter #ThursdayTreeLove

In this photo taken 11-14-18, fall meets winter in downtown Binghamton, New York.
Broome County Courthouse, Binghamton, New York
The day before the first snowstorm of the season hit, snow flurries whitened some of the ground, but fall foliage was still visible.

Now, the leaves are gone and the ground is covered in the white stuff.

Nothing is forever, our four season climate teaches us.  Today is going to be the coldest Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November, in the United States) in 100 years.

As part of our Thanksgiving, it is traditional to eat a bird called the turkey.  These turkeys are common wild birds where we live, although they aren't quite as good eating as domestic ones.
Not in winter - Wild Turkey
But it can be a thrill to see one.  This picture was taken by my guest photographer several years ago in the Northeastern United States.  Majestic, aren't they?

To all my readers in the United States, may you have a happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. I dunno, Alana... I'm still wearing my shorts and a tee shirt...

  2. We are yet to get the first snow of the season. The turkey is getting ready for thanksgiving I guess :P

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    The Solitary Writer

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Alana! That is such a wonderful capture by your guest photographer. Don't they look absolutely gorgeous?! I so wish people didn't eat these birds and they could all live longer!! Wishful thinking indeed!!

  4. I moan and complain but I actually love the turn of the seasons! The changing of the colours. The different necessary wardrobes. It's all an adventure! Love your pictures! A huge Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!

  5. Its quite a big bird! Every region has its own unique festive traditions which many a times are related to seasons.. The trees continue to impress till the last leaves fall... Enjoying the season change via your posts :-)

  6. How interesting to get a pic of Fall and Winter all in one.
    I hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! HUGS Gorgeous pic!

  8. This time we are enjoying cold weather(lower 70s) in Phoenix as opposed to the last year (upper 80s) I know it isn’t anywhere near to New York cold, but in the mornings it is in the upper 40s. Such nice weather. 😀 Loved those clicks, Alana.

  9. I spent the last two Thanksgivings in NJ sand loved this celebration but seeing your early winter I’m glad I’m home this year! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Alana!

  10. My husband and I met in college at SUNY Binghamton! We haven't been back there in years but now I want to visit again. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving. I moved to a country where the change in seasons are prominent and witnessed my first fall, it was so beautiful! Who knew there would be elegance even during a fall!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to you:) liked what you wrote, change is the only constant thing in life:)

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was a good one. I am grateful that I know you through blogging and admire you a lot.
    I loved the tree and how the tree changed with season. The picture of the turkey on the bench was fun too!


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