Friday, November 23, 2018

Winter Comes #SkywatchFriday

Today is Black Friday in the United States.  I should be out shopping but it's a bit cold outside.

But I turn my eyes to the sky and join Yogi and other bloggers in #SkywatchFriday.

Today, I contrast two days.  The day before our first snowstorm, downtown Binghamton, New York seems so tranquil back on November 14.

On November 15th, with the snowfall less than an hour away, the sky turns white.  Remember my birds on the wires from last week?  They are still at it, visible as tiny specs in the middle of the picture, ready to alight on the utility wires.

November 16, as my spouse drives me to work. (Thank you, spouse!)
Deceptively blue sky.

What downtown Binghamton looked like on the morning of November 15.

Winter has come. 


  1. I enjoyed seeing your photos!
    There are many good things about retirement. Not having to drive on snowy, icy roads is a major good thing for me.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Who says you should be out shopping? That's what online shopping is for ;)

  3. Try and stay warm as I understand is going to be cold where you are, if not already.
    Nice photos.

  4. I like all your photos. I didn't realize you are not retired. It's a good thing your hubby took you to work so you could arrive relatively stress free. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Shopping is a pain ... I like your photos, even the one with the ..,dare I say the word? Snow.


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