Thursday, December 13, 2018

Brown is Beautiful #ThursdayTreeLove

"I'm going to be different" said the tree as I walked past it on a rare sunny December day. "Different is beautiful."

"Most trees either turn colors and shed their leaves when the first traces of winter are felt.", the tree told me.  "Other trees, the evergreens, stay green all winter.

But me, my leaves will turn brown and I will keep them for a while.  No bare branches for me. I'm not afraid to be brown.  I'm not afraid to stand out, to be different.

If I'm not afraid, you shouldn't be, either."

Join Parul and other bloggers who love trees every second and fourth Thursdays at #ThursdayTreeLove.


  1. Being different is a good thing.

  2. Love this analogy! NEver be afraid to stand out!

  3. Super! The trees difference made it stand out!!

  4. Loved your expressions:) great click to match what you wrote..

  5. I have seen trees that turn brown and don't shed leaves. A good one this is, Alana. The trees in your city would be covered by snow now. Isn't it?

  6. Stunning indeed. Shades of coppery brown are a stark contrast to the bare trees that are visible in your Winter landscape. And yes, it does require courage to be different.... even for a tree


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