Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Season Birthdays

Were you fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be born in the week or two before Christmas?
Not celebrating me
I was.  My late mother in law was.  My sister in law was. One of my grandfathers was.

It's an interesting experience, having a birthday just before Christmas.  You learn, at an early age, that your birthday is going to be swallowed up in the greater festivities.  In other words, you learn to share.  Your birthday.  Attention paid to you.  That kind of thing.

One of my managers at work was born on the fourth of July (our Independence Day).  She was in elementary school before she realized that the parades and the fireworks on July 4th were not meant to celebrate her birthday.

A near-Christmas child learns early that most people get presents on their birthday and on Christmas.  We - well, we are lucky if we even get noticed.  Not quite the same situation as the person in the last paragraph, but it's similar in some ways.

Even born and raised in a Jewish household, I was not immune from the Great Christmas Takeover. (Also, back when I was young, Hanukkah was not the "major" holiday it is now.)

In a way, when I married into my (Christian) spouse's family and became related to two people in the same boat (so to speak) as I was in, I met other fellow sufferers.  We'd been there, done (or not done) that.  We always made sure we gave each other separate presents and cards for both occasions.

We learned to live with it, the three of us.  Maybe even, a bit (a little bit?) enjoy it?

Do you or another family member share a near-birthday or birthday with Christmas?


  1. One of my son's was born on December 12. Buying for a birthday and Christmas was always an issue. Didn't want to step on Santa's toes, so to speak. Now, he usually just gets a check for his birthday. And sometimes a family dinner, though this year I was just too busy.

  2. Mine is right around Thanksgiving. My mom’s is right before Christmas. As an adult I finally got the hang of taking charge of my birthday and every other year I celebrate however the hell I want with no regard to Thanksgiving. The other years I am surrounded by family. Works for me.

  3. I have two friends whose birthday is 12/25, it can be a bit weird.

    Not quite the same thing, but ... my birthday is the day after my father’s birthday. My sister’s birthday is a few days before my parents’ wedding anniversary. My other sisters, who are twins, celebrate their birthday three days after my mother’s birthday. So when we were kids, none of us had the attention all to ourselves.

  4. So, my stepson was born on the 26th- and was thrilled when he found out he would finally have his own celebration! (We don't celebrate Christmas, of course.)
    But, my son was highly confused when he was a tad over 3 at the Eiffel Tower, when the fireworks for Bastille Day were exploding. "Don't they know my birthday was last week?" (Yes, his is on 4 July.)

  5. There are several people in my family who have birthdays around Christmas, including my brother Jim (11th) and my uncle Jack (not sure, but just a couple of days before) and his sisters Jinx and Bitsy (that's 3 out of 7 in that family). My blog buddy Kat's birthday is the day after. It's actually a pretty busy month, come to think of it...

  6. My nephew (eldest nephew) was born on December 26th. We make sure that he gets some sort of birthday in and amongst the festivities. He turns 13 this year.

  7. Ah, December birthdays and celebrations! It is true, they slide by with minimum celebrations.

    Ours: Dec. 4, Dec. 11, Dec. 23, Dec. 27, Dec. 31. It is what it is. But now, as adults, we can party hardy.

  8. Yes. I was born Dec. 15, my older sister on Dec. 11. My mom celebrated my birthday in March for a while so we didn't have to share them. For years I didn't know what day my birthday was! Also, my brother's birthday is December 30 and my husband's birthday is Dec. 28. He remembers getting shopworn toys from the day after Christmas sales.


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