Saturday, January 5, 2019

Local Saturday - Charity Begins with Crochet

This morning, I read a fellow blogger's post on her 365 day crochet project for charity.

That struck a chord in me.  I've crocheted for nearly 50 years.  I'm mostly self taught.

I've done a little bit of crocheting for charity on and off during my life - I must admit, a lot more of it was "off" than "on".

But I could do something about that.  

I was starting work on a lap blanket for my mother in law.  I worked on it during a short vacation I was able to take in September.  Alas, when the vacation ended, so did my work on it.

My mother in law, as my regular readers know, passed away the day after Thanksgiving.  I've worked on the blanket, a little here and there, including on my recent travels to Brooklyn.  It's thick, and soft, as I hope you can see from the picture.(I included the hook for a little scale).

I think she would be very happy to see it donated to someone. 

And actually, I know three people right now who are battling cancer.   I know someone else whose spouse has serious heart issues, being treated at the University of Rochester in New York State.

There is so much need out there.

Charity can begin with crochet.  I don't know how many people in this country crochet items for vets, for people battling cancer, for the homeless, and for other causes.  It must number in the thousands.  My late childhood best friend crocheted her way through her cancer and her spouse's, before she was no longer able to, also for charity.

Can I do less?

It's time for me to shed some grief and get back in the game.  I'll share what happens with this blanket with you, my dear reader, which will make me accountable.  I'm sure my closet, which has too many works in progress (WIPS), will thank me, too.

And I'll wish Alice, the blogger in another part of New York State, the best of luck with her decision to crochet a square a day so she can donate crochet for the comfort of cancer patients.

Day five of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. My synagogue has an ongoing project, making lap blankets for cancer patients. There is such a need.

  2. I read somewhere about a group that takes these kinds of afghans and donates them to foster kids. I've been tempted to do that, and one of these days I might.

  3. My mother crocheted every night. Always had work in her hands. Have so many good memories of her doing such intricate fine thread work.

  4. Your blanket/afghan does look soft and will be very comforting to whom ever receives it. I've always called crocheting for charity or a cause 'Comforting Crochet'. In your case with this piece it is a win-win-win for you, one for the recipient and one for your MIL in heaven. And then there are the WIP's...another win.


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