Thursday, February 7, 2019

My Five Month WWversity

Many people of a "certain age" (and my age has two "sixes" in it, so I certainly qualify) struggle with weight.  I am no exception.

In November of 2012, after a lot of agonizing, I joined  Weight Watchers,which, last year, changed its name to "WW".  I was overweight, on the verge of obesity, and suffering from a number of weight related issues when I signed up. 

I have a lot to thank Weight Watchers/WW for.  Their program taught me how to eat, the basics of portion control, and the need to journal your weight journey.  I learned I was a good person and deserved good health.   I learned that learning to eat correctly is a lifetime commitment when you have a weight issue..  Their weekly meetings gave me encouragement.  If I slipped up, I knew I could get back on track.  And, when the at-work meeting I went to was discontinued, I continued to lose weight using the website and app.  It took a year, but I met my goal.  I lost 43 pounds and dropped four dress sizes.   Macy's and Kohl's must have cheered me on.

Of course, all this costs money. For that payment, you get support - as much as you need.  Meetings (which, if you have a good group leader, are wonderful).  Weekly (private) weigh ins.  Apps.  Websites.  Tools.  In my case, once my at work program ceased to exist (not enough participation) I continued to subscribe to the website and iPhone app, and met my weight goal.

In October of 2015, billionaire entertainer, businesswoman and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey took a 10% stake in Weight Watchers, joined the Board of Directors and became a consultant.  If you have heard of Oprah, you know she has struggled with weight a lot of her life - gaining, losing, gaining, losing, with her public watching intently.  I give her a lot of credit for making her weight journey public.

Right after that, Weight Watchers had one of their periodic reboots.  Every several years, they change their program.  Existing members must decide if they want to continue what has worked for them, or embraced the new program.  For me and others I've read, the rollout was uneven.  Seeing Oprah's face on what seemed to be every issue of the Weight Watchers magazine was a turnoff.  I don't buy things just because a celebrity endorses them.

The "opportunity" to participate (with other members) in a phone call with Oprah was the last straw. 

In January of 2016 I quit Weight Watchers.

Surprise.  The weight came creeping back.  Not all of it, but almost 20 pounds worth.  I was back to being considered pre-diabetic.  My right knee hurt, as did my wardrobe. 

Enough was enough.  I was a caregiver for my elderly mother in law, who, by then, was in a nursing home with multiple health issues, and I was not taking care of myself.  Stress eating was taking its toll.

So, in September of 2018, I swallowed my pride and rejoined what is now WW.

Today, I reached the "lost 10 pounds" mark.  Yes, it took that long. I've seesawed up and down, but my direction has been "down".  I am starting to fit into clothes that I haven't fit into for two or three years.  Call it a happy"WWversity" almost at my five month mark.

But the happy news is that my blood sugar readings are within normal limits again.  My Dad was diabetic (and was never overweight, for whatever that is worth) and I've seen firsthand what diabetes can do.  A cousin of my spouse's had diabetes and I know it contributed to his declining health and somewhat unexpected death in December.

So, today, I do have something to celebrate, although the At Work program may be ending for me in March.  But I know I can do it on my own because I did it in 2013.

Now, the challenge will be, once again, to keep it off.


  1. Congratulations on going back and meeting the "lost 10 pounds" mark. I've been up (mostly up) and down all my life and now need to loose 40 pounds. Thanks for sharing your story, it's encouraged me to get with the program - again.

  2. I joined WW in August. I like the new program, but took the holidays off. I find that blogging about it helps keep my accountability in check. I could have lost more weight by now, but i'm not pressuring myself. 1 pound a week adds up. I think im in it for the long haul!

  3. My mom was one of the first WW group leaders. Back when it was just Jean Nidetch doing it all.
    The big advantage is that you get to use your own food- which lets you follow your own religious dicta. Most of the other programs want you to buy their food- which means big problems.
    Congrats on losing. I should join, too!

  4. Congratulations, well have to know what works for you and stick to it.

  5. Congratulations on your success. I know very well how hard it is to achieve. Staying at a healthy weight is a struggle for so many of us who don't get enough exercise to burn off those calories.

  6. Congratulations on meeting your goal.
    My wife has done WW and it works, and I think it is nutritionally solid.

  7. Congratulations on your success. I must admit that I quit Weight Watchers the first year that Oprah was in charge and changed the program. I was perfectly happy with the original plan. Many celebs seem to be in the "I know it ain't broke, but I'm going to fix it anyway." Yes, about half of the weight has come back, and the knees ache again, but I doubt if I will ever return to WW even though it was the most common sense plan in the weight loss community. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place. Have a blessed week-end.


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