Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Old Age is a Privilege

Last night, I found out that my cousin's wife, whom I had blogged about shortly after my last visit to her,  may be approaching her final days.

She will never have the chance to become a senior citizen, a status I was granted simply (simply?) by living past age 65.

I am convinced, as arduous as old age can be, that being granted old age is a privilege - a privilege not all of us are granted.

I remember a friend, now deceased, telling me "the best part of waking up is waking up".

I feel now, that major decisions in my life are ahead.  I still work full time.  Do I want to keep doing that, knowing that life can hand you its pink slip at any time? How long do I want to take with this decision?

I'm finding that the snowbirding I am interested in is harder to research than I dreamed - perhaps a blog post on that process is forthcoming.

I am moving forward with planning in the meantime- we have an appointment with an attorney to update our important documents (will, powers of attorney, etc.) and recently had an important conversation with our grown son.

I had a long conversation last night with the cousin who is our family's contact with my cousin whose wife is in that hospice.

All we can do is make plans, and hope that life does not laugh at them.  And, I will continue to crochet, although I suspect that the lap blanket that my mother in law didn't live to see completed (and nor may my cousin's wife) will end up with my cousin.  If he doesn't want it, we will find a good home for it.

I'll keep you updated on the progress of my planning, during what may turn out to be an interesting year in my life.


  1. As long as we realize each day is a gift- and one we should share with others, then life can be fun and interesting.

  2. "The best part of waking up is waking up" What a great summary of aging! Thank you for your wonderful comment on my piece about aging and increased disabilities Alana! I wish more had your wealth of experience, which has given you your lovely compassionate approach to life and change.

  3. So sorry for the circumstances. You are correct, old age is a privilege. Whenever asked how his day was going, my father-in-law, in his 80s, used to say "Well, I woke up today! That makes it a good day." My sister died last year at only 63. So, no, we never know how long we have. Best to count our blessings and make every day count.

  4. I agree; as much as we grouse about getting older, it certainly beats the alternative! I'm sorry about your cousin's wife. Life can be so unfair, can't it?

  5. It seems like there are years that brutalize families, where so many end up passing. I'm sorry this is your year. The afghan will find a proper home, eventually. (There's an organization that takes blankets for different populations. One for foster kids is the one I'm thinking of.)

  6. I'm SO sorry for your losses - what you say is so true.

    I've dodged a few bullets that I know about. Earliest one, I wouldn't even have known about - my dad could all too easily have been on the crew of the USS Thresher, which was lost before I was born, and then of course I was at the World Trade Center on September 11th and then of course there was the breast cancer.

    I've been struck during walks through revolutionary war era graveyards here in NYC how much more likely than our ancestors were to live to a ripe old age - but there's still no guarantees, are there? Living for most of us ordinary people generally involves some stress and hard work, and I'm hoping someday to emulate my retired friends who are mostly having a wonderful time, but I do try to make sure that my life at any given moment includes time for the things I love.

  7. It's amazing the things that can make us think, give us a new perspective. I hope your plans work out for you, that you have lots of years to do the things you like to do.

  8. Every day is a gift. I hope your plans work out well for you and that your snowbirding years are many and enjoyable!


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