Tuesday, February 5, 2019

When We We All Win

There is a small part of Sunday's Super Bowl that won my heart.

"When everyone plays, we all win".

I learned about disabilities (indirectly) early in life.  My father suffered a traumatic brain injury during his service in World War II.  He was discharged, left to find his own way as best he could in a world that was hostile to those with disabilities.  He did make his way, but help would have made his life a lot easier.

My autistic brother in law was also born into that same world of the 40's and 50's, and, through people I've met because of him, I've learned that what many with disabilities are looking for is simply the same chances that everyone is supposed to have in our country.  They want friends.  They want to participate in the activities of their peers, including playing of games. They want a job that pays enough for them to live independently.

Of course, a game controller can't bring these children a total level playing field in life.  But it's a start.

In today's world, the life of those with disabilities can still be harsh.  So anything that "levels the playing field"should be applauded.

I wish the best to the children and their families featured in this video.


  1. I love this commercial. In fact, one of the moms is in the Women of Midlife group with us! I

  2. I've seen this ad for about 2 weeks, so I don't really consider it a Super Bowl ad. But, it certainly is super.

  3. One school I sub at has a large special ed. department. They pull in kiddos from neighboring cities. The school tries to integrate these students into the campus, and the rest of the campus is fairly welcoming. They even have a club that's just for the special ed. and general ed. populations to socialize. It can be done.


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