Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Reflections on Ice #WordlessWednesday

Spring has not yet come to where I live.

My guest photographer's picture speaks to me of the last part of winter.  The snow is mostly melted in the urban area of upstate New York where I live, but out in the woods, where my guest photographer lives, winter (and this reflection in ice) persevere.  No worries for snow lovers, though, because we are going to get another snowstorm today.

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  1. We lived in upstate New York for four years. And on the lake, it snowed some everyday...all winter!

  2. Winter is still with us here in Southern Ontario, too! Snowing as I'm writing this, in fact. It's been a rough one this year and I can't wait for some signs of spring. That's a lovely photo, though. Cheers!

  3. Even though it has been relatively warm here, we still see pockets where the snow (probably from where it was dumped by snow shoveling) around. And, it is rumored that while we've been at 50 F for a few days, we are about to see some white falling soon, too.

  4. We have missed out on snow this year. We might get an inch today, maybe not, I hope not!

  5. It speaks of old snow, like winter's been going on forever...

  6. Beautiful photo. I moved away from the snow a long time ago, but I do miss it sometimes...especially when I see photos like this one! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I've not seen snow in a long time but the picture here tells me how bitingly cold it must be, where you live, Alana. Do take care and hope the snow storm isn't a bad one! Fingers crossed and praying you and your family are safe.

  8. What a visual treat this. Yes, the winters have overstayed there welcome this time. And it's been cold in our part of the world too here in North India, with intermittent rains and cold winds.

    We all can't wait for the winter to leave and peel off our layers and welcome summers. But then it sure gets hot then as well. So right now we are trying to regale in the beauty of the refreshing spring. :)

    Thanks for sharing this lovely photo Alana. :)


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