Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tree Love #ThursdayTreeLove

It's Valentine's Day, the day of love.

And it is the second Thursday of the month, and time to blog about my love of trees. What to do?

It's no contest.  Today, I combine my two loves, sunset and trees.

February 2nd

There's something about winter sunsets, especially when there is a clear sky, bare trees and snow on the ground.

And some sadness.

Today is  the first anniversary of the horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  

As someone who works in a community that suffered its own mass shooting (ours was in an adult classroom) on April 3, 2009, my heart goes out to the families and students/teachers/first responders who were impacted that day, and will be impacted for the rest of their lives.

I wonder if, one day, a school shooting survivor will become our President.  If so, I hope I live to see it.

Join Parul of Happiness and Food at #ThursdayTreeLove every second and fourth Thursday, and love a tree today.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful photo and remembering Parkland. I love your thoughts about a survivor becoming president and living to see it.

  2. I don't see why not. Considering how many school shootings there have been, it'd be rather unlikely that it wouldn't happen.

  3. Beauty and sadness indeed. Terrible anniversary. I didn't realize that.

    I work with a lot of younger people and if there's one thing that keeps me optimistic it's seeing how much they care about what's going on in the world.

  4. Love trees and sunset & sunrise pictures -- and I hope I'm still alive to see a school shooting survivor become president!!!

  5. I don't understand some people view on guns and such. These shooting shouldn't be happening.
    Anyhow happy valentine day

  6. I love the colors in your sunset. Sunset through trees is one of my favorite compositions.

    Here in Oklahoma, so called “Consititutional Carry” is about to pass and I think it is so sad.

  7. Wonderful colours! The bare trees only add to the beauty!

  8. Thank you for remembering the sad day. My prayers with the families.
    I love trees and sunsets. You are right that those are two loves together stand out. Thank you for joining, Alana.

  9. Beautiful photo. Hugs for the remembrance...

  10. Love the reddish blue of the sky coupled with trees on a snowy base. It is already first anniversary of the shooting in the FLorida school. There have been so many cases in the past years and yet nothing concrete gets done about the gun laws. I join in your hope to see a president who is a school shooting survivor.


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