Friday, February 22, 2019

Winter Rainbow #SkywatchFriday

All winters are different, where I live near Binghamton, New York.

All winters are the same.

Do those two statements make sense? To me they do.  Winter, where I live, means snow, cold and ice.  Some years we get lots of it.  Some years, we get less. But the weather is mostly the same.

Sometimes, there is a rare day, when weather miracles happen.

Last Friday, the temperature got into the 50's and the sun shone.  Late in the day, though, a cold front came through.

We got rain.  When it ended, we were in the golden hour so beloved by photographers.  So we got this.

And this.  (these colors, by the way, are totally untouched.  Yes, those trees were glowing with the light.  Not only that, some in the area reported a double rainbow.  I must not have been in the right position.)

And this.

Was nature trying to issue an apology in advance for the winter weather still to come?

Join Yogi and the Friday sky watchers at #SkywatchFriday.  If you have a sky photo to share, why not?


  1. Love your shot and I love that 'golden hour'. Everything glows. So neat to see a winter Rainbow---good luck ya know.

  2. The rainbow is a perfect way to apologize. Hope Mother Nature doesn't have more in store to apologize for.
    My favorite part of these pics, though, is the light in the trees. It almost looks like Fall.

  3. How beautiful! Even those cold nasty times during winter can produce something lovely. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Now, we didn't get a rainbow. My favorite- sorry I missed it.

  5. Looks like winter never came.
    Happy Sky and happy coffee

  6. I have a picture of double rainbows taken on my property when I used to live in the country. It arched perfectly over the place where my husband died... Part of me wanted to take it as a sign from him that all was well. xoxox


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