Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ginger Baker #Rocktoberfest #blogboost

We are in the times where, almost every week or two, another person associated with rock music passes away.

On a car trip this morning, spouse and I heard about the death of one of the greatest drummers of rock, Peter Edward (Ginger) Baker, at the age of 80.

Here is a tribute posted by Rolling Stone.

And here, Toad, by Cream, featuring a legendary drum solo.  

The ironic thing is that Ginger Baker never considered himself a rocker.

The cause of death isn't known but it's known that Baker suffered from a number of health issues, some brought on by years of heavy smoking.

Another RIP.

It's easy to feel down in this kind of weather.  Fall has come to the Southern Tier. The skies are covered in clouds, the rain is starting, and music has lost another great.

Tomorrow will be a happier day.

Day 6 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost and today I also join the Rocktober Music Fest hosted by Mary of Jingle Jangle Jungle.


  1. Lovely tribute post! Thanks for joining in the MusicFest today!

  2. Nice tribute. All our icons are going ...

  3. Wow, that drum solo was fantastic! Thank you for sharing that.

  4. Hard to believe that Ginger was 80. He is still a young man in my mind's image. (OK. I know I am not a kid- but the last images for Cream I recall are from 5 decades ago!)


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