Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Farmers Market #WordlessWednesday

Nothing says spring like a farmers market.  In normal times, these sights would be pretty, but everyday.

Now they are special, because I don't know if they will be open this Saturday.
Radishes are a sign of encouragement. It's one of the earliest crops.

Carrots, so sweet.  Our local supermarket is actually rationing carrots right now.

Some milk to make bones strong.  And nothing like supporting local businesses, but....

These pictures were taken earlier in March - We did not go last week and I'm not sure if it is worth risking our health to try to go again.  As of right now, this Saturday year round market is still open (Saturdays only) although some of the farmers are staying home and taking pre orders now, for pickup.

We must hope of better times ahead.
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  1. Too early for such markets here, but I doubt they would be allowed because of people crowding together.

  2. Those veggies look good. I’m wondering how the farmers are weathering this storm, though.

  3. Hi, Just drop by and visited your lovely blog and enjoyed your thoughts and ramblin. The crops does look interesting.
    Anyway Stay safe and Take care during this Pandemic global lockdown - Happy Gardening.

  4. Nothing beats strolling through a farmers market. Fresh fruits and veggies. I'm staying home though. It's safer.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. I guess we will try to make it over to Fitzpatrick's to see if they are open, we were just discussing this very thing. Have you ever been up to the Windmill in Penn Yann? I wonder if that will reopen...things/stores are pretty bleak here in Hornell, sigh.

  6. No Farmers Markets here as we are in lockdown with the police enforcing it. Luckily I found a local company that is delivering fruit and veg grown on the local farms and also locally produced cheese and milk.
    We are on 12 week lockdown as we both have health issues but my first order is being delivered next Monday. Thankfully I have a large well stocked freezer for most other food.

  7. oh my Farmers Markets are so important and I know ours will not open until things are safe. It's hard on the farmers and hard on the folks who prefer fresh organic just off the farm veggies.

  8. From what I understand, farmers markets in this area are still open. They're considered essential, as they are selling food. But they are taking precautions--the farmers bag everything up, and you're not allowed to touch anything you're not going to purchase.

  9. Our farmer market won't open until end of April

  10. Our local farmers markets are closed until further notice and the President's announcement to extend the sheltering order through April is going to be devastating to some. Others have opened online stores in order to get their crops to market. It has been a strange spring for sure.


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