Thursday, March 26, 2020

One More Snow #ThursdayTreeLove

Just when I thought it was safe to put our snow equipment away where I live in upstate New York, here came the snow again on Monday.
Snowy Bush near Sunrise
So, for my fans in tropical climes that never see snow, this one's for you.  At least I can get out, although it's only supposed to be to exercise walk or food shop.  Most businesses are closed.  But we are more fortunate, here in upstate New York, than many of you are, and I realize that.

It's not the first time we will get snow in spring but at least it had melted by the next day.  This isn't exactly a tree, but a bush, but I am bending the rules because it looked so pretty.

Do you love trees?  If you do, why not join Parul at Happiness and Food each second and fourth Thursday of the month for #ThursdayTreeLove?

Let's remember the trees we've known, the trees we've photographed, the trees that watch over us now in ways we can't imagine.


  1. Same here and I am glad its melted...bring on Spring and the pretty flowers and trees, smiles. Have a great day, friend.

  2. We haven't had snow in 13 months. I guess it's going back to the way it was before I moved to Virginia from Michigan...

  3. We've had a chilly spring, too. Rain. The rain usually doesn't materialize starting around this time of year.

  4. I let my snow melt. And now it is raining again. Yuck!

  5. Heavy frost this morning. Here in Idaho

  6. That's a cute one, Alana! I am ready to see your spring pictures now :) Thank you for sharing! I hope to see you around tomorrow.
    Stay safe and do take good care!


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