Friday, March 20, 2020

Our Turn #SkywatchFriday

Looking up and watching the sky is more important than ever.

Tuesday, knowing I would soon be working from home (that actually started yesterday afternoon), I walked around a quiet downtown Binghamton, New York.

I said goodbye to some of my favorite views, because spring is starting to spring, and I won't be there.

Buds on the magnolias are swelling.

Our Civil War monument, reminding us how worse things could be.
Nearly empty street at lunchtime.
Sky reflections on courthouse windows.

Earth abides, on this first full day of spring. The world keeps turning and now it's our turn to weather the COVID-19 crisis.   Let's check up on each other; let's carry each other through.  Let's keep our eyes on the beauty of our world.  Thank someone today for being there for you.

Now, more than ever, join Yogi and the skywatchers at #SkywatchFriday.


  1. Hi Alana - just seeing Spring come will help many of us. I'm fine and will be ... but I do worry for many others - you look after you and your family - Hilary

  2. Beautiful photos. Spring gives us hope.

  3. Beautiful will all work out, Alana. smiles

  4. Sorry you'll miss the magnolias - always such fun watching those grand pink blooms open up!

    Hopefully you have some nice flowers at home.

    I'm appreciating spring even more than usual this year.

  5. Beautiful monument,take care,stay safe.

  6. Coming to this blog and seeing all of the beautiful serene pictures of the sky is exactly what I need these days.

  7. Beautiful photos but it makes me sad that you are all on lockdown now... hoping this blows over quick 🙁

  8. And we will abide. With a little help from eachother!

  9. I once had a co-worker who came from your town. Is there a Sportsman's Club nearby? She got married and had her reception there. The invitations said, "Reception at Spotsman's Club." She just laughed. Already she knew that some things weren't worth losing sleep over.

  10. Nice photos, strange times we live in indeed.

  11. Spring will be nice, even if we have to witness it from our homes. Stay well.


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