Saturday, March 21, 2020

Gratefulness Edition

Spring has come, but it's a spring like our country has not seen in over 100 years.  I'm fortunate, I can still get out but maybe not for much longer.

Today, I call out the great ones in our society.  To paraphrase Governor Cuomo of New York, and add to their list, they are:

Farmers, who show up at our farmers market (exempted from the "you must close" order as an essential business).

Healthcare workers: doctors, nurses, cleaners, all other support staff.

The supermarket workers who keep food on the shelves and have to deal with irate customers who blame them for shortages.  At our local supermarket, when you check out, you wait behind a line while the cashier sanitizes the belt (between each customer). Then he/she instructs you to put your purchases on the belt, while you stand behind the line. After you are rung up, you are then allowed to move up and pay.

The pharmacists and their helpers.  At this market's pharmacy, you stand behind one line until it's your turn. Then there is a second line you stand behind while the pharmacist gets your prescription.

Our first responders: Police officers, Firefighters 

Public transit workers.  In the city where I worked until I was sent home to work there, they drive the buses (which are free for the duration) risking themselves so others can get to and from where they need to go.  On our buses the driver is enclosed, and people must get on or off the bus by the back door.

Childcare workers, who make a lot of the above possible.

Anyone who works in a nursing home or assisted living facility.  After the seven months my mother in law spent in a nursing home before she passed away in 2018, I have only the greatest of respect for those workers.

These flowers are for you.

One more thing - are you anxious or fearful of what is happening around us?  Living in New York State, I can't help it.  But here is a free resource that may be able to help:
Free Resources to Help Manage Anxiety, Fear, and help to center you.


  1. Totally agree with you. The essential people keeping things running deserve far more than just flowers

  2. No flowers yet here has bloom. Saw three robin this morning

  3. We live in S. California, away from big compact cities. What happens now? That won't be known for quite a while.

  4. We do so appreciate all those people who continue at their jobs and who make the rest of us safer and able to enjoy more livable lives. Stay safe, Alana.

  5. Beautiful flowers!
    Your list of people we are thankful for made me stop and pray for them. Thanks for the reminder.
    Have a blessed day!

  6. Scary times. I suppose I should be more worried than I am. I still wonder if I have caught the virus. It's 14 day quarantine, so I can say I didn't catch it before March 8th, but I worked all that week, so it's possible...


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