Sunday, March 22, 2020


A light moment for your Sunday.

Squirrels in my back yard.  Now that many of us are supposed to be staying at home, we are either alone at home experiencing cabin fever, or we are on top of each other in the house, ready to explode.

Not all of us have back yards.  I have a small one.  I am lucky.  I watched this squirrel.  I do not like squirrels.  They dig up my flower pots.  But today, this squirrel gave me joy, just living its life, not caring what humans think.  Jumping along my fence, nimbly enjoying a warm, overcast, rainy on and off day.

As our governor of New York says "life will go on.  Different, but life is going to go on."  "Don't hoard...don't overreact. Dealing with hardship makes you stronger.  Life is not about avoiding challenges." " Life is going to knock you on your rear end...and then life becomes about overcoming these challenges.  America is America because we overcome challenges."

Watch nature.  Tell people in your life that you love them. 

Over and out.


  1. Hi Alana - take care and all the best - being outside is always good - I shall be doing it soon - cheers Hilary

  2. That squirrel is having a blast, isn’t he?

  3. I have enjoyed the squirrels in my yard since I learned how to exclude them from my bird feeders. They are always entertaining. Same with the raccoons, opossums, and skunks that visit us at night. Nature presents endless shows for our enjoyment and distraction. Now is a good time to learn to appreciate them.

  4. I am far from an astute observer of US politics, but I can tell you that from what I have seen of Andrew Cuomo he is exactly the straight-talking, truth-telling governor you need at a time like this. I have been impressed with his forthrightness and willingness to present the facts, however dire they may be. Stay well!

  5. pfft on your snow thought on my blog, LOL. I preferred to keep my head in the sand on the weather note,LOL.

    No squirrels here (well, its because we don't have any trees in our yard, just flower bushes) just birds who have been chirping away at the world, smiles.

  6. I hate how squirrels dig up my bulbs and plants, in pots and elsewhere, but they can be entertaining.

  7. I do like watching squirrels.


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