Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Quirky #AtoZChallenge

There are a couple of letters that give A to Z bloggers heartburn (the other is X), but Q, for me, was easy this year.

Quirky. One dictionary gives this definition "Characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits."

Quick, let's quietly go for it!

Taken from the public road - the Pittsford Mushroom House

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned the Mushroom House in Pittsford, New York, just outside the entrance to Powder Mills Park.  I honestly wish I had the money to afford this house, although it would not be an ideal place to do my flower gardening.  But still.  It's in a secluded location right next to a lovely park.

This is the Johnson City Pagoda.  Completed about 1929, this was originally a pump house built to draw water from a large underground water reservoir to cool several of the Endicott-Johnson shoe factories.  C. Fred Johnson, who was put in charge of the construction, liked the Japanese style of architecture and asked his workers to build it in that style.  

The walls are the real quirky part of this.

The park this sits in today (not its original location) is called - no, wait for it:  CFJ Park, for Charles Fred (C.  Fred, as he is remembered locally) Johnson, in walking distance of our state vaccination facility.

These pictures were taken in 2017, before the Pagoda was restored.

Let's move now to Brooklyn (a borough of New York City) for a moment.  This piece of art (some of the right side is chopped off) is called "Coney Island Baby" and dates from 2004.

Still in Brooklyn, the Atlantic Avenue/Barclay Center subway stop is a treasure (it's also on the National Historic Register). I want to go back one day post-COVID and take more pictures - I wasn't feeling well the day I was there in 2018.  I saw this, though, which looks like an art installation more than a piece of graffiti.  I will call it "quirky".  Sorry it isn't bigger; the place was rather crowded at the time.

Wrapping this up, let's return to my area of New York State, with this garden shop.  The nursery it's located in is one I've shopped in for years, but this structure - well, nothing wrong with recycling, is it?

"Q" day on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  My theme "New York State".


  1. ...the Johnson City Pagoda is something that I miss, I hope that there will be a next time. And while I'm at it I want to visit the garden center!

  2. The pagoda is my favorite! I have quirky included in my A-Z post today too. :)

  3. We have home in a nearby county that is The Octagon House. Quirky.

  4. Alana,

    Quirky buildings. The last one looks like the top of silo or maybe it's giant tin can the Jolly Green Giant threw away. :D Street art is interesting always. You're doing great with the challenge. It's hard to believe it'll soon be over for another year. Have a good day and happy A2Zing, my friend!

    Quiz an Quackbusters Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

  5. My favorites are the pagoda and the garden shop. Love unique and quirky, they're so much fun.

  6. I really like the recycled shop. Thanks for all the interesting photos.

  7. Totally fun, Alana! I LOVE quirky!
    The Mushroom house reminded me of what it might be like to live as a Hobbit! ;)

  8. I don't think Q is a hard letter at all. Some very everyday common words start with Q. That pagoda is great.

  9. Interesting walls.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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