Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cherry Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

Spring is still trying to make up its mind where I live in New York State.

This is not what you want to see when you awaken, but this is what greeted me yesterday morning.  Fortunately, we didn't get frost at my house.

My cherry tree (a wild American cherry) is almost done with its blooms, but it is hanging in there due to our cool weather.  This is what it looked like on May 6.

This is what it looked like yesterday, still hanging on.

A couple of closeups of its blooms yesterday, on the bottom branches.  This one branch had blooms in all phases - buds, open, past peak.

Its lesson - there is beauty in each stage of life.  

I am thinking of my fellow bloggers in India today.  I know times there are desperate, beyond anything I can imagine.  We watch the evening news in horror and need to understand that we are all one world. What happens in one country today can happen in another country tomorrow  As of yesterday, over 254,000 dead are recorded in India, and lockdowns have been imposed, but statistics can not express the true extent of what is happening.

I see bloggers who haven't blogged or tweeted in days, and I fear for them and their friends and families.

I am not sure if Parul at Happiness and Food will be able to set up a #ThursdayTreeLove post for us to link to due to the dire situation in India, but I will hope for the best, using a quote she recently blogged about, from Alfred Lord Tennyson:  Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier."


  1. ...we have not had frost here and the long range forecast looks good!

  2. Your cherry tree is beautiful! What's going on in India is so tragic. I hope your blogging friends over there are ok.

  3. Oh, no! And here we were thinking you'd turned the corner into spring. Cherries are pretty bloomers.
    Great quote. "It will be happier."

  4. The situation in India is frightening. I hope your friend is OK.

  5. That's absolutely stunning, Alana.

  6. Scary what's happening in India. It's so easy for things to go that way, as we well know. Take care.

  7. Beautiful cherry blossoms! We had some frost, too. Boo!

    Re: India, such desperation and little to no vaccines. And to think then thought they had this pandemic licked. That might be why taking my mask off feels a bit like driving without a seatbelt.

  8. Thanks for keeping us in thoughts Alana. Prayers and hope is the only thing we can do right now.
    Your cherry tree looks beautiful, the close-ups are also lovely, and truly said there is beauty in each stage of life. One just needs to appreciate it.


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