Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Tropical Small Business Saturday

A respite from our dreary weather.

I'll be willing to bet that you have a small business in or near your community that is a "Hidden Treasure" - people in the know know there is something special about the business.

No, no promotion here, and I'm not being paid for any plug.  I just like this business.  They've been around since 1975, and have survived several floods and (so far) the pandemic.

Spouse and I went to Tioga Gardens near Owego, New York, for Small Business Saturday. My regular readers know I am a sucker for plants, and I needed some supplies.  They were having a once a year "everything is on sale" promotion for Small Business Saturday.

But I also wanted a taste of the tropics.  Tioga Gardens has had a conservatory attached to their store for many years.  I know they have plants that are over 40 years old in there.  I'm not sure this is one of them, but you certainly can not grow Bread Fruit trees in our climate.

Nor banyon trees.

One more taste of the tropics.
If you are a real plant lover, you can take a virtual tour, courtesy of You Tube.

They have non plant items for sale, too.

And, of course, reminders of the pandemic.

I call this business a "hidden treasure" of the Southern Tier of New York.  I plan to post more pictures from my visit today on Friday for Skywatch Friday.

Do you have a small business in your area that you consider a hidden treasure?


  1. ...I know of them from when I was in the nursery business.

  2. I try to support mom and pop stores. Didn't go to any today, end up working.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. What a perfect store! I tend to get totally lost in these types of stores. I could just wander forever. There's always something new and unique. And I LOVE plants as well!

  4. That's a fun outing! It's a visit to a botanical garden and shopping all at once! I look forward to more pictures, and will be watching the video shortly.
    I like my local nursery, but didn't shop anywhere (but coffee drive-throughs) since Wed. when my daughter came. Honestly, there are a few "gems" but they are too expensive.

  5. I'm sure there are many hidden treasures around, but I don't know any off the top of my head. I must go out and search for them.

  6. There is a great small business in our town that is all about birds and gardens! No live plants, but the variety of wonderfulness is so much fun! I always visit early in the season to get the great gifts that they have available! Love the plants in your post:)

  7. So pretty. I love those little hidden "happy places."


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