Friday, January 14, 2022

Sunset's Conclusion #SkywatchFriday

 It's been only a week since my last Skywatch Friday post.  Here in the Southern Tier of New York, the weather has been so variable.  Saturday it only got up to 12F (-11 C), and it was miserable.  Sunday, we got ice as it warmed up and even though it got slightly above freezing, the roads and sidewalks were slick with ice.  Fortunately it wasn't so heavy an accumulation that we lost power.  Never got out of the house at all.

It warmed up later in the week (yesterday it was in the 40's F) but I never did get outside to watch any sunsets.

It's just as well, as I promised you the conclusion of the spectacular sunset I started to show you last Friday.

This sunset took place in the first week of January.  Yesterday I showed you the beginning...

And here is the grand finale.   Enjoy!

I made sure I got the river in this shot.

Hmmm, things are starting to calm down a little as the sun snuggles into its nighttime home. (No, not really, but that does seem cozy, doesn't it?)

Now, only the blue remains with a hint of the glory of a few minutes before.  Timing is everything.  

Did this ever make up for my recent sunset drought.  Now, later today we are getting another arctic blast, so I won't be looking for sunsets this weekend.  And, Monday, we are supposed to get a snowstorm.  Ah, winter in the North.

Oh, one more shot.  Last Friday, Yogi showed us a "reverse sunset", which is the coloring of the sky opposite the sunset.  As it happens, I took a picture of this sunset's reverse sunset.  I had this picture on my blog yesterday for another meme, but there's nothing wrong with reruns.

Joining Yogi and other skywatching bloggers at #SkywatchFriday.


  1. ...the afterglow can be more beautiful than the sunset.

  2. Amazing what a beautiful sight💗Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  3. Gosh that is so stunning, Alana.! Carol CAssara

  4. Wow, those sky pictures are exceptional (both on your part and Mother Nature's).

  5. The grand finale was indeed grand! Spectacular photos. I'm going to go out tonight. The sky has that look of potentially a good sunset, but you just never know!

  6. Those are some impressive sunset photos, just gorgeous!

  7. 40s is not "warmed up". Nope. We warmed up this week. (I won't say to what temp, though.) Nice sunsets.

  8. Truly spectacular sky. I'm glad you shared it and it's reverse. Supposedly we had a spectacular sunset here in Tulsa yesterday and I was in the house watching television. I snooze and I lose.


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