Monday, May 27, 2024

In-A-Gadda-Da-Memories #MusicMovesMe

It's Monday, it's Memorial Day in the United States, and it's time for music.

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Every other week, we have a theme.  On alternate weeks, we can blog on any music theme we want.  This is one of those weeks.

On at least one Memorial Day in the past, I paid tribute to musicians who died recently.  Sadly, I have several to pay tribute to today.  This isn't even a complete list - May was a sad month of inductions into  Rock and Roll Heaven. 

Doug Ingle, lead singer and organist for Iron Butterfly, died May 24 at the age of 78.  He also wrote most of their songs.  He was the writer and organist on perhaps their most famous song, In-A Gadda-Da-Vida.  Ingle was the last surviving member of the original group.

Here is the full version, all 17 minutes of this classic from 1968.  I hope you have the time to listen to all of it. True, the video isn't the best quality.  But, the various solos are so haunting and - well, I just love this song.

John Barbata died on May 8 at the age of 79.  He played for a number of groups either as members or a session musician, including The Turtles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and both Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.  Here is Barbata with the Turtles and their 1967 hit, Happy Together, hidden in the back.

Charlie Colin, founding member and bassist of Train, died May 22 at the age of 58, reportedly after slipping in the shower.  Here is their hit song Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) from 2001.

Jazz saxophonist and session musician David Sanborn died from cancer on May 12 at the age of 78.  Among many, many songs he played sax on was David Bowie's classic Young Americans.

May they rest in peace.

Now, two songs recognizing Memorial Day.

Dire Straits and Brothers in Arms from 1985.  This song comes out of the Falkland Islands War of 1982, but its message is universal.

Last up in my Memorial Day tribute is a tribute called May We Never Forget Freedom Isn't Free. Note, to play this video you will have to click the link in the "this video is disabled" which tells you that you can play it on You Tube.  Sorry about that; I didn't realize that when I posted this video.  Thank you, Songbird, for the heads up.

I grew up in the Vietnam War years.  The two boys I grew up with in the apartment next door both fought in Vietnam (and came home), along with a former manager of mine years ago who served two tours, and one of my spouse's cousins, who was also exposed to Agent Orange.

May we reflect on the high cost of our freedoms today and every day, and honor those who never came home.

And that's a wrap.

Join me again next week for another episode of Music Moves Me.


  1. ...I have Brothers in Arms today, Amen Sister.

  2. Lovey tribute … but that last video is disabled …

  3. Very nice songs. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. thecontemplativecat here I graduated HS in 1969 from a rural community. Went back to a 50th reunion. Saw photos on them at the poster that displayed other classmates who died in that time period.

  5. I was 11 when the Vietnam War ended and....I can't recall anything from this war. My dad had the news on every night. I remember the Munich Olympic crisis from 1972, I remember things from the Oscars but nothing from the Vietnam War. I find that so strange because many people are amazed at my memory. I wonder if I blocked it out because I found it too depressing?. I love your song choices and l9ve that long version from Iron Butterfly. Strange that he was the last one...sad.

  6. I've been locked out. Will add the link back as soon as I can get back in. Sorry! As for your post, at first I didn't realise you meant that sort of Memorial day. There's been a lot recently! (Lydia C. Lee)

  7. Three of my mom's brothers served in Vietnam. I don't remember much other than I knew it was a war and my uncles were in danger. They came home safely.

    Good tribute to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and for lost music legends. I didn't know any of the names but know the bands that each played with. Nicely done!

  8. I always adore the music you share, Alana. I'm gonna hop by to listen once again.
    Happy summers. Ours has been such a bummer with a heat that's scorching beyond imagination. Waiting for some rains now to quell the heat.

    Have a good weekend!


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