Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Dispatches from the Binghamton Rain Festival (aka "Spring")

No, there isn't any such thing as the Binghamton Rain Festival.  But if there was one, it would be in full swing right now.  I've been through drought and I've been through too much rain, and I honesty don't know which one is worse.

During this week, our lilacs bloomed.  By the time I got to them for cut flowers, they were already rotting on the bushes.  I never did get to pick any for indoor bouquets.  I also missed taking pictures of neighborhood dogwoods.

Right now, the main season bearded irises are starting to come out.  I should have pictures later this week of some irises. Azaleas and rhododendrons are also in bloom.  Between yesterday and today, I took these pictures for your enjoyment.

I believe these azaleas (yellow) are "Mollis" azaleas. These are deciduous azaleas which bloom before they fully leaf out, in colors of orange or yellow.   I caught a pink dogwood, basically done with blooming,on the right.

In a nearby yard, was an example of an orange azalea.

This house featured a lovely blend of a pink dogwood and a Japanese maple.

This may be a spirea, trimmed into a "ball".  Spireas do not seem to do as well here as in other parts of the country I've lived in. (they seemed to thrive especially in southeast Kansas.)

This house also had a nice combination of red azaleas and a white flowering tree, although the tree in front didn't do much for the composition of the photo.

In other gardening news, a big yellow ball appeared in the sky a couple of times this week when there were breaks in the clouds.  We were all puzzled by its appearance.  Was it a UFO?  When it came out, it got warmer, and it felt so good.  Also, the light was blinding to eyes used to the constant cloud cover.  But it only came out while I was at work.  By the time I got home, it was again drizzling, or raining. 

Many people here are starting to ask "are we going to have a summer"?

Let's hope so.

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