Saturday, March 14, 2020

Keep Calm and Eat Pie - Pi Day 2020

Oh, do we need some comforting, we in today's United States. We don't know where to turn, and wherever we do turn, there are reminders of us living on the knife's edge (to use a cliche) of uncertainty.

On top of that, today is Pi Day.  You know, in our numbering system 3/14.  Or 3.14.  We are supposed to celebrate by eating, or making (or both), pizza pie, any type of pie.  Pie, yummy pie.

But something not funny happened on the way to the store.  Yesterday, spouse and I went to our local supermarket at 8:30 am to pick up a prescription and get a couple of bagels for breakfast (I had taken the day off of work).  The parking lot was packed, and as we went into the store we felt like salmon swimming upstream, as we passed shoppers pushing carts out of the store, loaded with...well, anything.

This is what I found at the entrance.

The natural remedies section.

Toilet paper.
Wet wipes.

I didn't check the pie section but the bakery area had another hand sanitizer station.

I think we've all seen enough.  It's time to make Pi.

Here are a couple of my posts from previous years, if you need something to get in the mood.

Pizza Rustica
Grass Pie

A link to various (not mine)  "pi" recipes, too.

Guess what, though.  I'm not going to make Pi today.  Spouse and I did get out and take a walk and we went into a store and got something I'll make tomorrow for my son.  Tonight, spouse is making some beef broth and we are going to have onion soup from some of the strawberry onions we bought the other week.

It's hard not to give in to fear, to find that line between social distancing and loneliness, and to remember that there are lots more people in a bad way than we think.  Let's think of our senior relatives and neighbors, or those who are immune-impaired, or the disabled among us with health issues.  Let's wash our hands, not hoard.  Think of someone today.  Call or email them.

Let's turn to music when all else fails.  Let's remember we are the human race.  We are all one.  Our human race has faced adversary before.  We will face it again.  We will get through this.

Too many times, we do forget that.


  1. No pie on pi day? I’m disappointed.

    I am also stressed. But this too shall pass.

  2. I am just responding to the comment you left and visiting in Hornell, Wegmans has no hamburger, no chicken, no sugar, no butter, no TP, no paper products (oh just an FYI, if you do need TP, Walmart is keeping it in the warehouse, so just ask and they will gladly give you 2 packets of 4)ALSO, there is a TP shortage due to the fact there is a chemical shortage that makes the tp...I think it is safe to say we are all craving normalcy, Alana. I am just so frusturated, it went from pure anger to now, just plain frusturation (and I am too lazy to correct the spelling, grin).

    I am a 2 time cancer survivor, 2 time pneumonia, a asthma sufferer...we were just talking about matter how scared and concerned I am (and I know it probably doesn't show, but I am)--I told my husband I just can't live in fear, period. I am so in agreeance, folks; wash your hands, quit hoarding and pray...pray, pray, pray. Let us just come together as a Nation. Just stop all this nonsense (the blame game etc.)

    OH, I was going to crack a joke about how I like pie ((grin)). I get the posts for today etc...PI. grin.


  3. It all over our store shelves are bare.

  4. The thing that worries me is what if they decide to close the grocery stores? Because, it wouldn't be out of order for keeping the virus contained, and I only have about a week's worth of food in the house.

    I suppose some are like me, though, and when faced with this idea, don't know what to get. I ended up getting nothing.


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